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Four Fundraising Resolutions for 2015

By Marcie Wagner, CFRE

  • Donation Optimization


Eliminate any links on your landing page that visitors can use to leave your website. Instead offer a clear and SECURE call to action which conveys a sense of urgency and an incentive if they give online. Offer donation giving levels, a link to your privacy policy and again include 3rd party secure giving validation. Finally, make certain your landing page is optimized for mobile. Infographic by johnhayden.com

  • Incorporate Mobile Giving

fundraising_image2Mobile donations are the best way to give to charity because of convenience, security and cost savings. Since so many people use their smartphones and tablets to surf the Web, you can no longer think of online giving as something that people do from a desktop computer. If you have mobile fundraising systems in place, this awareness can translate to an immediate gift. Not only is mobile the most convenient and secure way to give to charity, but it’s also the most affordable for organizations. Mobile giving typically has lower processing costs compared to others. It’s very effective as well, text message marketing campaigns are effective because it has a high open rate, often within a few minutes of receiving a message.

  • Ask Donors to “Give Up” Something for 30-40 days

Create a campaign around asking your donors to give up something for thirty or forty days. It could be coffee, soda, chocolate… and instead make a gift to your organization equal to what they have saved.
Infographic from classy.org

  • Create a Crowdfunding Campaign

Pick your most compelling program or a program that could do so much more (serve so many more people) given the funds were available and create a crowdfunding campaign. Kickstarter isn’t just for new projects anymore.

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