When you raise money for the right cause and right reason you love it, are humbled by it and utter the words “Thank You” throughout the day.

It’s an honor to thank those who have touched my life over the years and ultimately made me realize that it isn’t about raising money, it is about being an advocate for a very good cause.

So a hearty and loud shout out to: Will Munger, who gave a young woman her first job and empowered her to meet with the Chairman of Hubbard Broadcasting and Super America, charged her with managing hundreds of volunteers, give live TV and radio interviews knowing she didn’t have a clue what she was in for. Thanks to Tricia Christiansen; creative, talent, beauty and grace – an artist who continues to freely give her time and talents to so many worthy causes. Brad Holmes who showed me that fundraising can be a blast and kept me smiling from ear to ear. Thank you to Dr. Spencer Phillips without you ML Wagner Fundraising would not exist – there are no words but a simple “thank you” for what you have taught me and in turn gifted to me.

Each client, each person, each donor forever holds a place in my heart. And that heart is held by those closest to it. My parents, whose unconditional love allowed me to live fearlessly knowing I would always have a soft place to fall, and most of all, my guys — my children, Lyndon and Wyatt who remind me that deep down I’m still a very precocious little girl. Thank you, thank you, thank you!