marcie wagner

Marcie Wagner is a veteran of the nonprofit industry. With nearly thirty years of experience raising awareness and funds for large and small nonprofits across the country. Marcie’s favorite success stories are those attached to working with smaller organizations - groups with passionate leadership, a unique mission, poised for greatness. Her expertise is in the successful development, implementation, and sustainable growth of newly incorporated nonprofit organizations.

Marcie is the founder and principal of ML Wagner Fundraising Group and Midwest Mindfulness Meditation Centre.

She has a BA from the University of South Dakota and received certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through The University of Massachusetts Medical School. She has her Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) credentials and is registered with the MN Attorney General’s Office and the MN Secretary of State. She is a member of the Minnesota Counsel of Nonprofits (MCN) and Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Marcie’s Strengths, based on Gallup’s “Strengths Finder” are: Strategic, Restorative, Connectedness, Ideation, and Positivity.

Code of Ethics
ML Wagner Fundraising Group adheres to the code of ethics of the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel in establishing fees for service. This code states that fees are charged at a set and agreed upon rate to the client, and that Wagner Fundraising will never take a percentage of funds raised, nor do we accept commission on any service.

It doesn’t take big money to make a big impact – just passionate people.